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In the Beginning — online exclusive

The 1970s: Origin of the Species

Chapter 1: Brand New Cadillac
Chapter 2: Underground Explosion
Chapter 3: Year Of The Rabbit
Chapter 4: Concrete Waves
Chapter 5: Solid Gold
Chapter 6: A Gathering Of Tribes
Chapter 7: Skateboard USA
Chapter 8: Hollywood Incorporated
Chapter 9: Street Skaters
Chapter 10: Good Wall Hunting
Chapter 11: Transition To Vert
Chapter 12: The Free Skaters
Chapter 13: Where There’s Smoke . . .
Chapter 14: Hare Air
Chapter 15: The Ollie Pop
Chapter 16: The Overachievers
Chapter 17: Beware Of Imitations
Chapter 18: The Gorilla Grip
Chapter 19: Skateboard Madness
Chapter 20: Got Wood?
Chapter 21: Four Wheels Out
Chapter 22: Flights Of Fancy
Chapter 23: Unidentified Flying Ollie
Chapter 24: Close Encounters
Chapter 25: Going Gonzo
Chapter 26: Going For The Gold
Chapter 27: Changes
Chapter 28: The Cadillac Cult
Chapter 29: The KP Factor
Chapter 30: More Skateboard Madness
Chapter 31: Expansion
Chapter 32: Genesis
Chapter 33: Media Magnet
Chapter 34: A New Sensation
Chapter 35: New Horizons
Chapter 36: Human Resources
Chapter 37: Rainbow Rising
Chapter 38: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Chapter 39: Thick As Thieves
Chapter 40: The My-Hop
Chapter 41: Picture Perfect
Chapter 42: A Changing Landscape
Chapter 43: Beam Me Up
Chapter 44: Even More Skateboard Madness
Chapter 45: Taking Care Of Business
Chapter 46: Arrival
Chapter 47: Under The Influence
Chapter 48: Teamwork
Chapter 49: Spring Fever
Chapter 50: Glitter And Gold
Chapter 51: Bury My Heart And My Wounded Knee
Chapter 52: A Turning Point
Chapter 53: Performance Art
Chapter 54: While The World Slept
Chapter 55: Cognition
Chapter 56: Case Of The Missing Shoes
Chapter 57: California Dreaming
Chapter 58: The Spin Doctor
Chapter 59: Freestyle Flyer
Chapter 60: The Knack, And How To Get It
Chapter 61: El Super Skate Show
Chapter 62: End Of The Curse
Chapter 63: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Chapter 64: Year Of The Tank
Chapter 65: Working For Peanuts
Chapter 66: Big Ohhh!
Chapter 67: Standards
Chapter 68: Silver Platter
Chapter 69: A New Language
Chapter 70: The Vikings
Chapter 71: East And West
Chapter 72: Stormy Weather
Chapter 73: Out Through The In Door
Chapter 74: One Last Time
Chapter 75: Legacy


Appendix 1: Maps
Landmarks and cities in the book.

Appendix 2: Skateparks of the 1970s
Directory of parks built during the Skatepark Era.

Contests — online exclusive
Selected Contests, 1964 – 1980

How to Ollie — online exclusive
An archive of articles, instruction and video.



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