Website Redesign

Ollie book old site menu

Beginning in September, the redesign of the Ollie Book will get underway. We are changing the old pop-up menu interface (pictured) to make it easier and quicker to get to other pages on the site, plus giving the site a whole new look.

Designed and Printed in the USA


A Secret History of the Ollie was designed and printed in the USA. This is part of the reason we chose to work with Black Salt Press. With so many things being manufactured in China these days, we felt it was more important to support the US economy, US jobs, and the great printing industry that we have right here. This might have added a couple dollars more to the cost of this huge book, but we feel it was worth it. It is unfortunate that so many other US publishers out there—and you can name all the big ones—still print many of their books in China just save a few pennies. It might be better for their pocket, but it hurts the rest of us. — Craig B. Snyder